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The SLope-Infiltration-Distributed Equilibrium (SLIDE) is a geotechnical model to compute dynamic factor of safety (FS) due to rainfall infiltration using a method developed by Liao et al. 2010. The released SLIDE model is programmed using MATLAB. The SLIDE model takes into account some simplified hypotheses on water infiltration and defines a direct relation between factor of safety and the rainfall depth on an infinite slope. The SLIDE program operates on a grid with four inputs, including the soil texture map, the slope map, the cumulative rainfall map, and the land cover map.

Executable File Download and User Manual

Version Windows Mac Linux Documents Example Contact
SLIDE 1.1 Download Download Download User Manual Windows NonWindows Dr. Zhang


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  2. Yang Hong, Xiaogang He, Amy Cerato, Ke Zhang, Zhen Hong, Zonghu Liao (2014), Predictability of a Physically-based Model for Rainfall-induced Shallow Landslides: Model Development and Case Studies Springer Verlag book “Technologies for Landslide Investigations”.