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External Funds, Fellowships, and Travel Grants (Total Involved over ~$15 million since 2005)

  1. NSF PIRE: Taming Water in Ethiopia: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Improve Human Security in a Water-Dependent Emerging Region, PI (OU), 4/1/2016-3/31/2021
  2. e-PING is a smart phone App to collect hydro-meteorogical observations data such as precipitation, surface water info, river stages, and soil moisture from Blue Nile Basin in Ethiopia. e-PING Dashboard is built to visualize the selected data by e-PING application. PI(OU), 4/1/2016-3/31/2021
  3. NASA, Multi-sensor Precipitation and Reflectivity Retrievals for PATH Mission, PI, 2/2014-1/2016
  4. DOT/FHWA, Southern Plain Transportation Center: Climate Adaptive Transportation and Freight Infrastructure, Participant, 2014-2016, renewable
  5. DoC/NOAA: Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program (SCIPP) Phase II (, with Mark Shafer etc., 9/1/2013-8/31/2018
  6. DoC/NOAA: Develop Improved Prediction of Inland Flooding System, with Pete Lamb, J.J. Gourley, and Ken Howard, 1/1/2014-12/31/2016
  7. NASA Headquarter: Using NMQ Ground-Based Radar to Improve Passive-Only Precipitation Profile Retrievals for PATH, PI with Collaboration with JPL, 09/2013-09/2016
  8. DOI/USGS and South-Central Climate Science Center: Impacts of Climate Change on Flows in the Red River Basin, Co-PI with PI Wayne Kellogg and Renee McPherson, 09/2013-09/2015
  9. NASA Precipitation Measuring Mission Science Team: A Research Framework to Bridge GPM Core and Constellation Sensors using Polarimetric National Mosaic QPE (NMQ), PI, 3/1/2013-2/19/2016
  10. NASA Precipitation Measuring Mission Science Team: Use of GV data to evaluate and improve uses of satellite-rainfall in hydrologic modeling of complex terrain basin floods, sub-award from UCONN, 3/1/2013-2/29/2016
  11. NASA Earth Science Application Program-Disaster Decision Support: “NFL (NMQ-FLASH-LANDSLIDE): Utilization of NASA Earth Observations into a NOAA Coupled Flood and Landslide Prediction System over the US”, 2012-2013 with possible extension to 2016
  12. OKlahoma Department of Transportation: Black Ice Detection and Road Closure and Warning Control System for Oklahoma, 2012-2014
  13. NASA Earth Science Application Program-Disaster Decision Support: “Real-time Global Flood Analyses and Forecasts Using Satellite Rainfall and Hydrological Models”, 2012-2013 with possible extension to 2016
  14. NASA: Advancing Multi-scale Landslide Hazard Prediction by Integrating High Resolution Remote Sensing Data and Subsurface In-situ Monitoring, OU/PI with PI CSM Ning LU and GSFC Dalia Kirschbaum, USGS Jonathan Godt and Richard Wooten, 05/01/2012~04/30/2016
  15. NASA, Automated Tracking of Earth Science Phenomena for Ingestion into a Moving Object Database to Enable Systematic Studies, OU/PI with GSFC PI Clune and Kuo, 9/2011-8/2012
  16. Oklahoma Dept. of Transportation: Real-time Monitoring of Slope Stability in Eastern Oklahoma, Co-PI with PI Amy Cerato, 10/1/2011-9/30/2013
  17. US Army Corps of Engineers/Institute for Water Resources/Responses to Climate Change Program: Utilization of Regional Climate Science Programs in Reservoir and Watershed Risk-Base Impact Assessments Pilot Study, Co-PI with OU/PI Renee McPherson and USACE PI Gene Lilly and Brad Hudgens, 10/2011-09/2013
  18. ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) Research Project 1413-RP, “Developing Standard Procedures for Filling Climatic Data Gaps for use in Building Energy Performance Monitoring and Analysis”, PI with Co-PI Li Song, Renee McPherson, M. Zhu, 9/2011-2/2014
  19. NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center SERVIR Program: “Quantitative Assessment of Scenario-based Climate Change Impacts on Water Availability and Hydrologic Flows in the Wangchu Basin of Bhutan”, PI, 2011-2012
  20. OTC: ” Decision Support System for Road Closures in Flash Flood Emergencies”, OU PI and OSU PI T. Liu, 2011-2013
  21. NASA Headquarter: Incorporating NASA Spaceborne Precipitation Research Products into NOAA National Mosaic QPE Operational System for Improved Short-Term Weather Prediction at Colorado Basin River Forecast Center, PI with Co-PI Gourley, Howard, and Zhang, 04/2011-03/2013.
  22. NOAA: Climate Futures, Urban Floods, and Forecasting: Linking Severe Weather Impacts with Climate Variability, Co-PI with PI (Mark Meo), 09/2011-08/2013.
  23. NOAA/OAR/NSSL: Advancing Weather Remote Sensing using Phased Array Radar, Co-PI with PI Robert Palmer, 2011-2012.
  24. US State Department/Higher Education Commission of Pakistan: Capacity Building in Disaster Risk Assessment and Management through Training and Research in Geo-informatics and Hydrometeorological Hazard Risk Reduction Strategies. PI, 11/2010-11/2013. NASA blog
  25. NSF Graduate Fellowship Award, “Prototyping a Flash Flood Prediction System using Storm-scale Ensemble Rainfall Forecasts”, Faculty Advisor of the Fellowship Award recipient Gina Hodges, 2011-2014.
  26. NASA Headquarter/Goddard Space Flight Center Global Precipitation Ground Validation Program: Synergistic Development of NASA Spaceborne precipitation Products with NOAA/NSSL Ground-based NMQ System”, PI  with Science PI JJ Gourley,  04/2011-03/2014
  27. NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center SERVIR Program: “Implementing High-resolution CREST Hydrologic Model for Africa and Central America using Satellite Remote Sensing Technology”, PI, 2011-2012
  28. NOAA/Climate Office/SCIPP: An Integrated Climate-Hydrology-Water Continuum Modeling Framework to Study the Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources and Hydrologic Extremes in SGP, Co-PI with PI Mark Shafer, 07/2008-08/2013, (
  29. NASA Earth Science Fellowship Award, “Statistical, Physical, and Hydrologic Evaluation of NASA TRMM/GPM using NOAA/NSSL NMQ over CONUS”, PI, 09/2010-08/2013
  30. NASA ROSES Precipitation Measuring Mission (TRMM/GPM): Investigation of Satellite QPE and Hydrologic Validation in Complex Terrain Basin, OU Institution PI with subcontract from UCONN PI Manos Anagnostou, 03/2010-02/2013
  31. NOAA/OAR/NSSL: Next Generation Phased Array Technology for Multi-Mission Operations, Co-PI with PI Robert Palmer, 04/2010-09/2011
  32. NSF Collaborative Research, “CDI-Type II: Integrated Weather and Wildfire Simulation and Optimization for Wildfire Management”, Co-PI with PI Ming Xu and GSU PI Xiaolin Hu, 10/2009-9/2013
  33. Oklahoma NASA EPSCOR Research Initialization Grant: “Prototyping CONUS Evaluation of NASA TRMM/GPM using NMQ system”, PI, 01/2010-07/2010
  34. U.S. Department of Education, “Doctoral Fellowships in Technologies for Sustainable Infrasturcture and Environmental Systems.”, Co-I with PI Randal Kolar
  35. NASA, “Link SERVIR-Africa Work to NASA Land Information System: Workshop Training and Data Assimilation of GRACE to NASA-OU Hydrologic Model”, PI
  36. USGS/OWRRI, “Quantification of water fluxes and irrigation use through remote sensing’, Co-PI with PI Baxter Vieux, 03/2009-02/2010
  37. NOAA/OAR/NSSL via CIMMS, “Phased Array Technology for Weather Radar Applications”, Co-PI with PI Robert Palmer, 05/2009-04/2010
  38. NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates, “REU Site: Infrastructure Design and Management”, Co-I with PI Keith Strevett, 2009-2011
  39. OK-DOT/OTC, “Proactive Approach to Transportation Resource Allocation under Severe Winter Weather Emergencies”, Co-PI with OSU PI Baski, 07/2009-06/2011
  40. NOAA/OAR/NSSL via CIMMS, “Atmospheric Observations using Phased Array Technology”, Co-PI with PI Robert Palmer, 06/2009-05/2010
  41. NASA Earth Science Fellowship, “Toward Improved Flood Prediction and Risk Mitigation: Capacity Building for Africa”, PI, 09/2008-08/2011
  42. NASA, “Improving NASA Global Hazard System and Implementing SERVIR-Africa”, PI, 05/2008-08/2011
  43. USGS/OWRRI, “Water Use Monitoring using Remote Sensing Methods’, PI, 03/2008-02/2009
  44. NOAA/OAR/NSSL, “Next Generation QPE: Toward a Multi-Sensor Approach for Integration of Radar, Satellite, and Surface Observations to Produce Very High-resolution Precipitation Data”, PI, 01/08–12/09
  45. NASA, “Evaluation of NASA Global Hazard System “, PI, 01/2008-12/2008
  46. NASA ROSES Decision Proposal, “Global Hazard (Flood-Landslide) Decision-Support System”, Co-PI with NASA PI Robert Adler, 2007-2010
  47. NSF/NCAR, “Junior Faculty Forum Travel Award”, 2007
  48. NASA Applied Sciences, “RAPID PROTOTYPING CAPABILITY, Flood and Landslide Early Warning Products for USAID Disaster Management Requirements”, Co-PI with PI Robert Adler, 2006-2007
  49. NASA Energy and Water-Cycle Sponsored Research, “The Challenges of Utilizing Satellite Precipitation Data for Hydrological Application”, Co-I with UC Irvine PI Soroosh Sorooshian, 2005-2010
  50. University California Irvine Academic Senate: “Early Career Award for Research Fellow”, PI, 2005-2006

Internal Research Competition and Travel Grants (Total ~$170,000)

  1. Oklahoma NASA Space Grant Consortium/NASA EPSCOR Travel Grant, “An Oklahoma ground validation super site for NASA Space-borne QPE Mission”, $1,460, 2009
  2. OU Research: “Faculty Travel Supplement Grant”, $1,200, 2009
  3. OU/ARRC Seed Grant, Linking Space Dual Frequency and Ground Dual-Polarization Radars (OU’/KOUN), $12,500
  4. Oklahoma NASA EPSCOR Research Initialization Grant
  5. OU Research: “Faculty Travel Supplement Grant”, 2008
  6. NOAA/OAR/NSSL via CIMMS: “Implementation of NOAA/HL-NDHM to the NOAA Hydrometeorological Testbed, Tar-Pamlico River Basin, NC”, 01/2008-12/2009
  7. NOAA/OAR/NSSL via CIMMS: “Hydro Warn on Forecast”, 01/2009-12/2009
  8. OU/Univeresity Strategy Organization/ARRC Seed Grant, 11/2009-12/2010

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