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Education Initiative

The ARRC and HyDROS Lab have an on-going education initiative in the areas of weather radar, remote sensing and hydrology. The initiative has been formally documented in a BAMS article: Palmer, R., M. Biggerstaff, P. Chilson, J. Crain, K. Droegemeier, Y. Hong, A. Ryzhkov, T. Schuur, S. Torres, M. Yeary, Tian-Y. Yu, G. Zhang, and Y. Zhang, 2009: Weather radar education at the University of Oklahoma: An integrated interdisciplinary approach, Bulletin of American Meteorological Society, 90(9), 1127-1182, doi:10.1175/2009BAMS2738.1

HyDROS Lab developed Courses

CEES 3334: Measurement, Statistics, Probability, and Field Survey

Learn about how measurements are taken in hydrology as well as the use of statistics and probabilities.

CEES-5903-001: Remote Sensing Hydrology

Learn about how satellite remote sensing technologies are used in hydrology. Course Flyer

HyDROS Lab developed Courses

CEES 5020: Radar Hydrology

CEES 5020: Computational Hydrology and Water Resource System

Computational tools for hydrology and water resource systems. Course Flyer

CEES 5020: Climate Change, Water, and Natural Hazards

Learn about how climate change will impact water resources and natural hazards (including floods, droughts and landslides) in the future. Course Flyer

CEES G4000: Applied Hydrology and Hydraulics