OU and NSSL Research Scientists and Professor received NASA Group Achievement Awards

Research Scientist Dr. Pierre-Emmanuel Kirstetter (Advanced Radar Research Center & National Severe Storms Lab), along with Dr. Jonathan J. Gourley (National Severe Storms Lab) and Dr. Yang Hong (Civil Engineering & Environmental Sciences/Advanced Radar Research Center) are members on the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Post-Launch Team recently selected for a NASA Agency Group Achievement Award with a citation “For exceeding all expectations for GPM operations, data processing, algorithm performance, science impact, and education and public outreach within one year after launch”. GPM is an international network of satellites that provides the next-generation observations of rain and snow across the entire globe. NASA’s most prestigious honor awards are approved by the Administrator and presented to a number of carefully selected individuals who have distinguished themselves by making outstanding contributions to the Agency’s mission. These NASA awards highlight the contribution of outstanding hydrometeorological research conducted on the Norman campus to advance our understanding of Earth’s water and energy cycle, improve forecasting of extreme events such as floods, and extend current capabilities in using accurate and timely observations of precipitation to directly benefit society.