HyDROS student Zac Flamig, together with NASA scientists: Flood Dashboard Workshop/Field trip to Namibia.

Zac with Guido, Director of Namibia Department of Hydrometeorology in the field.

HyDROS student Zac Flamig, together with NASA scientists, went to Namibia to host the Flood Dashboard Workshop to build capacity for Namibia Flood Disaster Early Warning System by working with Namibia Department of Hydrometeorology. They also took a field trip along flood-prone Okvango River Basin (see the Photos KMZ file).

More Info: The Namibia Flood Dashboard is a collection of geospatial information, including GIS data, hydrological information and other spatial data derived through Sensor Web that is integrated to provide an overall summary of flood situation analysis within Namibian water basins. Current and past flood activity for Angola, Nambia and Zambia are included. This effort is supported by UN-SPIDER.