HyDROS Lab recently received funds to conduct research in climate, water, energy, remote sensing, and disaster.

As PI or Co-PI, HyDROSlab has kicked off a series of research projects in Climate, Water, Energy, Remote Sensing, and Disaster as briefly described below.

US Army Corps of Engineers/Institute for Water Resources/Responses to Climate Change Program: Utilization of Regional Climate Science Programs in Reservoir and Watershed Risk-Base Impact Assessments Pilot Study, with Renee McPherson, Mark Shaffer, and USACE Gene Lilly and Brad Hudgens.

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) for their project titled “Developing Standard Procedures for Filling Climatic Data Gaps for use in Building Energy Performance Monitoring and Analysis.”

NOAA funded project is titled “Climate Variability, Urban Floods and Stakeholder Capabilities: Linking Severe Weather Impacts to Community Users with Modeling and Visualization.”, a two-year project to assess the effects of climate change-induced flooding on urban watersheds in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Oklahoma City and Tulsa. This project will incorporate data from atmospheric-oceanic general circulation models into watershed flood models and present visualizations of potential future flood events to focus groups comprised of public works professionals and urban planners in each of the five cities. Results from the project are expected to help cities plan for urban climate adaptation.

NASA has awarded OU HyDROS Lab a project titled “Automated Tracking of Earth Science Phenomena for Ingest into a Moving Object Database to Enable Systematic Studies.”

NASA: Integrating and Validating NASA’s Real-time Satellite precipitation Products with NOAA/NSSL NMQ System

Oklahoma Dept. of Transportation has awarded CEES Amy Cerato and Yang Hong for their 2-year project titled: Real-time Monitoring of Slope Stability in Eastern Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Transportation Center has awarded OSU Prof. Liu and OU HyDROS team to conduct a research titled: Decision Support System for Road Closures in Flash Flood Emergencies.