HyDROS had 16 Presentations at the International Symposium on Earth-science Challenges

ISEC_logoHyDROS Lab presented 6 Oral Talks and 10 Posters, covering 4 general areas, at the International Symposium on Earth-science Challenges (ISEC), hosted the University of Oklahoma at Norman.

Hydrometeorology and the Water Cycle

1. Hong et al ID 21: Radar and Satellite for Global and Regional Flood Prediction and Water Cycle Study
2. Gourley et al. ID 93: NMQ-FLASH- A Prototype System for Flash Flood Prediction
3. Flamig et al. ID 49: Evaluation of A Demonstration System for Flash Flood Prediction over the Arkansas-Red River Basin
4. Xue et al. ID 81: Evaluation of Satellite-based Global Hydrological Simulation using Distributed CREST Model
5. Hodges et al. ID 60: An Evaluation of Storm Scale Model Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts in Cases of Extreme Flash Flooding

Radar and Satellite Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere and Hydrosphere

1. Wen et al. ID 97: Incorporating NASA Space-borne precipitation into NOAA Q2 operational system for improved integrated NMQ Products
2. Kirstetter ID 48: Systematic Cross-Evaluation of NASA Spaceborne Radar and NOSS Ground Radar-based National Mosaic QPE over Lower CONUS
3. Chen et al. ID 46: Inter-comparsion of NOAA/NSSL Next Generation National Mosaic QPE and NCEP Stage II and Stage IV over the Conterminous United States
4. Yeary et al. ID 53: Prototype Concept: Non-Contacting Soil Moisture Estimates via Innovative RF Solutions

Hydrological Modeling and Remote Sensing Data Assimilation

1. Zhang et al. ID 45: Assimilation of Satellite-based Precipitation and Soil Moisture Data to Hydrological Model for Improved Flood Prediction over Poorly Gauged Basin in Africa
2. Chen et al. ID 87: A New Metric-based Method for QPE Verification
3. Khan et al. ID 74: Multispectral and Microwave Satellite Remote Sensing for Flood Prediction in Data Scarce Environments

Weather, Water, and Climate Variability

1. Liu et al. ID 39: Climatological Drought Analysis and Projection wijustifyth Comprehensive Drought Indicators: A Case Study for Arkansas-Red River Basin
2. Grout et al ID 22: Winter Weather Events and Associated Socioeconomic Impacts Across Oklahoma: 2000-2010
3. Adhikari and Hong ID 8: Climate change Impacts on water resources: Assessments from two contrasting River Basins
4. Zhang et al. ID 58: Understanding the changing characteristics of droughts in Sudan and the corresponding components of the hydrologic cycle