CREST Model Training Materials

Note to Users: The current training materials are for CREST v2.0, however, users can also use these materials to learn CREST v2.1 Fortran version because CREST v2.1 Fortran Version is compatible with v2.0, the difference of the version is the options in the project file, one option (RoutingType) was added to CREST v2.1 Fortran Version.

Online Tutorial

EF5/CREST tutorial Youtube

EF5/CREST example tutorial: English | Spanish


CREST v2.0 Workshop in Kenya 2012

OU CEES/ARRC’s HyDROS Lab (, jointly with NASA-SERVIR Mission, hosted a week-long CREST Hydrological Modeling Workshop in Kenya from 2nd April to 6th April 2012. Attendees are from 13 African and Asian countries’ Ministries of Hydrometeorology or Disaster Management Agency or University (Figure 1 & 2). This is the first workshop of many to transfer NASA and OU jointly developed technology to developing countries. The goal of the training is to provide technical expertise to participants on CREST- Grid based Distributed Hydrological Model for quantifying stream flow, soil moisture and evapotranspiration by use of NASA satellite rainfall datasets. [pdf News from NASA SERVIR Webstie]

Figure 1 Opening Ceremony of the Workshop Figure 2 Awarding Certificate for the Attendees in the commencement
Opening Ceremony of the Workshop Awarding Certificate for the Attendees in the commencement

CREST v1.6 Workshop in Kenya 2010

Overview of Coupled Routing and Excess STorage (CREST) Distributed Hydrological Model


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